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We are a global company based in the USA. Our clients include daycare facilities, religious organizations, schools, healthcare facilities, and others worldwide. Our goal is to provide guardians with a simple way to keep track of their loved ones throughout the day, without bombarding them with notifications or extra, nonessential information.

What it is

TrackSmart ID provides you with a seamless system for tracking your clients, students, or residents!

TracksmartID is a cost-effective, customized system that uses a personalized ID card with a unique QR code. When scanned with TracksmartID’s unique app, guardians are instantly notified when their loved one’s ID has been scanned.

This allows institutions like daycare centers, schools, and healthcare facilities keep families up to date on their loved one’s whereabouts in one easy step. A simple scan by a staff member will send an email notification to guardians in real time. Thanks to TracksmartID, guardians no longer have to wonder if their loved one is where they should be.

What We Do

What you do

Cards can be scanned at


TracksmartID is for


when your client’s TracksmartID code is scanned, a timestamped notification is sent to your company and the ID holder’s guardian, keeping everyone well-informed.


when your loved one’s ID has been scanned, you are notified via email in REAL TIME.


TrackSmartID is ideal for any institution that reports daily events to caregivers or guardians. If you believe TrackSmartID can benefit your corporation, contact us! We would love to build a solution to meet your needs.

our story

Frustrated by headlines about children being forgotten on school buses, students left behind in their classrooms overnight, senior citizens overlooked at assisted living facilities, and the like, the creators of TrackSmartID set out to find a solution to these heartbreaking scenarios. TrackSmartID is a simple system to help institutions notify parents and guardians of their loved ones throughout the day.

As parents and caregivers themselves, our creators wanted to find a solution that was straight-forward, easy-to-use, and did not bombard guardians with unnecessary information. They sought to answer the questions that parents and caregivers ask themselves every day:

  • Did my child get off the bus this morning?
  • Did he make it to his classroom safely?
  • Did my elderly mother get her medication today?
  • When was my toddler’s diaper changed at daycare today?

TrackSmartID was designed with children, families, guardians, and caregivers in mind. A notification system that uses unique ID cards and an easy-to use smartphone APP, TrackSmartID empowers institutions to send alerts to parents and guardians in one easy step. Featuring notifications for when certain events do not occur (such as a child not checking into his classroom by a certain time), and automatic daily reports for institutions, TrackSmartID is ideal for keeping guardians informed and institutions accountable.

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Who is a VIP?

A VIP is any child, student, patient, or other person who has a TrackSmartID account and card.

Who is a guardian?

A Guardian is any person who receives email notifications when a TrackSmartID code has been scanned.This includes institutions (schools, daycare centers, healthcare facilities, etc.), educators, parents, and anyone who receives TrackSmartID notifications.

What information is provided in the notifications?

We aim to keep things simple. The notification email sent to guardians will contain: name, event (such as “school check in”), date, and time.

Who will receive these notifications?

The institution and two caregivers will receive the notifications via email

What if I want more guardians to receive notifications (such as aunts, uncles, or stepparents?)

For security purposes, we only send notification emails to two provided email addresses. We recommend that families with multiple guardians create a special family-accessible email account where notifications can be sent. This way, anyone with the log-in information to that email account can see the VIP’s notification.

How does TrackSmartID keep my loved one’s information secure?

  1. TrackSmartID is dedicated to keeping your loved ones safe.
  2. The only information stored in our servers is the VIP’s name and the institution to which the account belongs. No personal identifying information is stored or tracked in our system.

How do I setup a TrackSmartID account for my loved one?

TrackSmartID partners with institutions (schools, caregiving facilities, etc.) to create accounts for VIPs within those institutions. Our partners collect and provide the information needed to create each TrackSmartID account.

What are Daily Reports?

Daily Reports are summaries of every scan completed throughout a given day. At this time, Daily Reports are only available to institutions.

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Efraim Rodriguez

Co-founder, CEO

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Alex Rodriguez

Sales, Customer Relations Director

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